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For ours is a love-hate relationship


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I don’t ask you why you don’t eat your damn vegetables!

I am sick of being asked why  decided to be vegetarian. Almost 2 years ago, I decided to slowly remove meat from my diet. First few weeks, I stopped eating beef, the I quit pork. It was difficult to give up … Continue reading

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It’s Hair

Hair. It’s just hair, but it seems to mean so much by connotation. There are expectations and norms. And although recently, whether who has long or short hair has been more obscured, still generally it’s the norm that girls have … Continue reading

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An iffy “Hello World”

The truth is, I am relatively new to this whoe non-anonymous blogging thing. I always liked hiding behind pseudonyms, because it was always a lot easier to express whatever I wanted without any hesitation when I could always DENY that … Continue reading

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