Already Been Said

It isn’t easy to blog, especially at a personal level. We are in the midst of a tech savvy generation, where pretty much everyone has or have had a blog, has at least one active social media profile; in the day and age where an event no matter how importantly crucial or absurdly insignificant, cannot go by without being “tweeted” or posted as a “status”.

It seems as if everything and anything has already been said, posted, tweeted, or meme-ed by someone else. It is almost TOO redundant to even try [notice the emphasis on “too”, because now “re-tweeting” and/or “reblogging” what a hundred other people have already said or posted is actually acceptable. So how does someone or anyone at all, find an original voice that someone else might actually want to hear. How and what do (and should) we write about?

I am in an ever so ongoing dilemma and I feel like I am lost in somewhat of a bastardized culture.


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I am, but I deny.
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One Response to Already Been Said

  1. Even though everyone blogs, everyone’s personal blog experience is difference. Just keep at it:)

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