It’s Hair

Hair. It’s just hair, but it seems to mean so much by connotation. There are expectations and norms. And although recently, whether who has long or short hair has been more obscured, still generally it’s the norm that girls have long hair while guys have short hair. Unconvinced? Which guys have long hair? Usually only those who belong to a subculture like goths, punks, and the like (or older bikers). And although more and more women are starting to cut their hair shorter and shorter, take one look at magazines and still the you will see that more women still cling on to long hair. And why? Is it really by choice or by some unknown, unexplainable, lingering cultural norm? I think it’s the latter.

I’d like to think that a woman’s decision to cut her hair short is a sign of independence and power. It’s like saying, Yes I am a woman, I don’t have that thing hanging between my legs, but that doesn’t mean I am confined in beauty and aesthetic. (Go androgyny!)

SO what inspired this entry? I have been contemplating whether I should grow my hair or cut it short. Quite obviously, I chose the latter. I have to admit though, I felt a bit too sentimental before my haircut And the hair dresser asking me multiple times if I am sure I wanted to chop my hair off did not help any! It was also funny in an absurd way how she’d constantly say stuff like, “You’re sure you want it short, right because there is no turning back.” or “You have a lot of hair.” Anyway…

(Will upload later tonight)

On a different note, I watched Hair last month on Broadway. It was AWESOME and made me miss HTG.
Hair Broadway

I don’t want to spoil the story for those who hadn’t seen or read it yet, so here is a copy of the flyer that the cast hands out with flesh flowers just before the the end of the show. Spread the love =)

It’s hair. Any stories of thoughts about hair? Do share!


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One Response to It’s Hair

  1. HTG says:

    aww. 🙂 Denden, HTG misses you too.

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